Cosmo Legal is a Legal Process Outsourcing company started in the year 2008 by a varied and talented group of individuals who have brought their respective fields of specializations together to offer the Corporate World a better, easier and quicker way of conducting anything Legal in a highly cost effective manner.

• Greater interface with clients and a more intimate understanding of their standards, practices and requirements
• Flexibility, in modes of functioning, in tailoring our work to the needs and preferences of our customers, thereby
enhancing their satisfaction.
• Security and confidentiality due to the limited size of the team and more complete coalescence of interests.
• Cost effectiveness and being able to offer our customers great savings on overheads and several other costs.

Litigation Support
Legal Research
Drafting and Conveyancing
Document Review
Contract Management
Intellectual Property Management
Data Management
Deposition Summarization
Legal Transcription
Virtual Legal Assistant
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